Thursday, November 5, 2009

{A portrait of Godly Womanhood}

Lately i've been doing some research on Wives' & Mother's of old Preachers & Revivalists and I am completely humbled by their reverence for God & their devotion to holiness. Recently i've been indulging in the lives of Susanna Wesley & Katarina Von Bora.

Some background on each:

Susannah Wesley was the youngest of 25 brothers & sisters, and the Mother of 19 children, whom 2 of her sons are known as John & Charles Wesley, the founders of Methodism. She was devoted to her God, her Husband, & her Children. When I think of near-perfect Mothering & want to be inspired, I picture Susanna. Most would consider this old world influence, but I desire to raise our children under the authority & holiness of God! Not only was did she know how to spend time with each child daily, but she was a dedicated homeschooling Mother whom started "training" on the day of their 5th Birthday. She made sure they were well versed in English, Latin, Greek & possibly even French. She saw her daughters in the same light as God did, and therefore did what was a rarity in her day-she taught her daughters as well. {btw- I WANT THIS BOOK. Susanna Wesley- The Complete Writings}

Katarina Von Bora was Martin Luther's wife, the famed man of God who brought reformation to the Catholic Church. She was a run-away nun who set out to marry Luther. She was inspired by his piety and courage. She was an excellent manager of the home, and even turned part of their home, his old monastery into a hospital. She supported her Husband in his work from God, and was his constant encourager. Katarina upheld the finances & affairs of the family which helped Luther maintain his commitment and call to resound the true Gospel of Christ. Luther was often away on ministry tours & once both celibate, wrote of his marriage saying, "There is no bond on earth so sweet, nor any separation so bitter, as that which occurs in a good marriage." Luther had nicknamed Katarina, the "morningstar of Wittenberg", on behalf of her rising each morning at 4am, tending to her many wifely which included their lush gardens, orchards & livestock, which she would butcher herself.

So talking about these two fiery, well-versed ladies, my heart has been stirred even more to fulfill this holy calling that parenthood is! I could only hope that in reading my most recent post, this has put a desire in your heart for either yourself as a Mother & Wife, or for your beloved Wife to go higher.